Give yourself permission to BE.


For as long I can remember, I longed to be like Da Vinci: a multi layered, multi talented human.

To know all the hard sciences, to be versed in artistic expression and be awesome in general.

Lowly ambitions.

When you have an ideal like that, chances are you never gonna measure up in a direct way.

Come on, the guy made a helicopter model and we did not even had cars yet!

I’ll never be Da Vinci. And that is okay.

You don’t need to be exactly like your role model to reap the benefits.

Chances are, you followed in their footsteps, and grabbed some of their traits to yourself.

If you are a fan of some famous baseball player, perhaps you resonated strongly with his work ethic and perseverance. You may never throw a curve ball like him, but you took something even more precious from him, that you can apply in any field.

In my own case, I ended up reading and studying and meddling with everything under the sun, from alchemy, to biochemistry (my PhD), music, bodybuilding, psychology, data analysis, etc. I took from Da Vinci an important example: to aim to expand your horizons and not constraining yourself to a tiny box: scientist, or consultant or musician or whatever.

You are much more.

With that timeless example of ambition and creativity, I may one day create my Vitruvian Man.

You only stand to gain not only by standing in the shoulders of giants, but also to allow yourself to see the changes in yourself after your choice.

You must allow the change to happen.

You need to give yourself permission to be, as no one else can, or should (don’t give anyone this kind of power over you), give that to you.

The power of this crucial decision rests on your shoulders alone.

Big decision hum?

You are not alone in that feeling. All the greats had to make that call sooner or later.

You cannot be truly great, and built something of value to others (and by extension yourself) without BEING.

When you make this decision, everything changes. Your only currency, time, starts working for you instead of against you.

The power that others seem to have over you is artificial, given by you!

Recall this power back where it belongs!

Inside you. You alone is the guardian of how events affect you, and of your destiny.

Things may happen, but you can choose how to react.

Observe yourself, and choose yourself always.

In thy tiny steps, great things shall be born.

I’m anxious to see the fruits of your rebellion.

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