Darn it! Almost got it.

Eventual success is preceded by iterations. Also known as “almost”.

I can hear you.

That part of you that screams.


It’s so loud I can hear it across great distances, your inner critic is relentless this time.

Because you almost got it.

This time you got so close, but it slipped through your fingers. That job. That scholarship. That perfect relationship. That opportunity that will never came back, so you deserve to punish yourself to the end of time.


Listen to me for a second.

I get you, I’ve been in the same spot too many times.

I almost got things and opportunities that seemed perfect and the world seemed to come crashing down when I failed.

But you can fail.

You NEED to fail.

Failures, many failures are the mark of the daring, of those who dare soar with the eagles, to shine like a star.

To be bold is to take risks, and to the bold goes the spoils of victory. You failed, you almost got it because you came just a little bit outside your comfort zone.

And that can bring unpredictable growth.

But only if you realize how different is the almost from the “I never got a chance”, and from the “easy win”.

The almost is that paradoxical zone, that Schrödinger box, that forking road that urges you to make a choice.

Yes, a choice.

To choose between the beaten path of thinking you are worthless, that your defeat is evidence that you want too much, and you deserve your misery. You know this path and where it leads​ all too well.

Or, to choose to see yourself as a warrior.

To see yourself as a warrior fighting the most important war, the only war that matters. One that is not for oil and lands, a war in which you are the prized resource.

A warrior that won’t be defeated permanently while there is breath in your lungs and life in your cells.

When the soul burns, defeat is opportunity!

This text was born from such a defeat, a temporary setback. My inner critic wanted to lash out, and I said NO!

I choose myself, to speak to you because everyone goes through that.

The truth is that there is no easy win.

There is great preparation.

There is no “I never got a chance”, there is complete lack of preparation (and maybe a bit of a Dunning Krueger effect for good measure).

The almost is good news.

It means you are closer to the total win!

It means that people already trust you to give you that great chance.

If this great chance escapes you, I am confident that you can grab, or even better, CREATE another. You may not get exactly what you want, but you WILL end in a better place, I guarantee.

Because you are alive. And that already makes you a beater of bad odds.

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