Inspiration: don’t banalize a powerful word.


Much has been said lately about inspiration.

To inspire. “Good leaders inspire others!” “To lead is to inspire!” “Cultivating inspiration!” “Ten hacks to be inspirational!”

The reason why everyone writes about inspiration, and how to be more inspirational, and how it is such a killer trait, is because YOU CAN’T BE INSPIRATIONAL AT A WHIM.

You don’t wake up some day and say “I’ll inspire others today!”.

You may.

But it will be short-lived, like a faint impression.

Fakery is short-lived in this case.

People who truly inspire don’t set out to do so. They know it’s a side effect.

Even clearer for your understanding, people who truly are inspirational don’t care about it the slightest.

They are concerned with actions, with their craft.

You can look around and see for yourself their concerns.

They are concerned with teaching!

With being the best damn entrepreneur possible!

The best scientist ever!

The best salesman alive!

They want to be the best, but they want to BE the fruit of their own efforts.

They don’t want to resort to metaphorically (or literally) stabbing their fellow-man and woman to achieve their goals.

You can’t be inspirational alone.

That effect exists only on reverberation.

You need others, people need to give you that “title”!

So, care not about being inspirational. I know, it goes against the grain these days where everyone wants to be a leader.

Or at least are lead to think they need to lead.

What happened with honoring the different roles and people fit to exert different roles in different stages of their careers?

How do you get there? By caring.

Care about what you can control.

Your environment.

About being helpful.

About being a master of your craft.

Have character and be consistent at your efforts.

At the very least you will be useful. And if things conspire, you will lead others.

Not because you read an article, but because people felt like you are fit to do so.

A true inspiration is a leader by default, and the best leaders are those hailed to the throne, not the usurpers who take it by force​.

Make your life, the choices you make, into an amazing initiation ritual.

Their experiences shape them up to the point they start doing something that is amazing for their community, and people start following them and helping them create something.


Leadership and inspiration are inextricably intertwined. The true question is: are you fit to lead?

To even hope to lead someday, you need to be a good reliable worker first.

We all know a story or two of people hailed to positions of leadership that are wholly incompetent. They get there through social power moves and flattery. You would do very well to learn the rules of the game they play.

They inspire no one. They have to lead through coercion and threats. Nobody cares to be lead by someone like that.

Leaders like that have high turnover of followers​. As soon as opportunities present themselves, people will bounce.

People conspire against unfit leaders.

I’m not saying that true leaders don’t have to deal with conspirators and enemies. They do, and perhaps have even more enemies since envy is a powerful driver of action for people unfortunately.

The genuine leader is in a better position, however.

He or she has followers who truly believe and will defend their position with might.

A true leader don’t need to fight alone.

A true leader most certainly has a core group of die-hard fighters who will do everything for the project to succeed.

You are never alone if you are inspiring.

So, first steps first. To be a leader you need to care about your environment right now, to show mastery of your environment and of your craft. Let go of the artificial need to impress others and become indispensable by becoming a master.

Let leadership and inspiration be unavoidable side effects of your consistency in being awesome.

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