Stop the hacking nonsense!

“Lvl 3 of Hacking achieved!” Not real life, sorry.

Hack this, hackathon that.

Easy actionable steps to make your life great and perfect.

You feel like you could do more, only if you got the right hacking protocol.

People are separating you from your money, using emotional hooks.

Again and again.

You can’t hack life. Sorry programmers turned philosophers. Stop selling snake oil to people.

What is “hacking”?

The original definition had to do with “cutting something with heavy blows”. The programmers adapted the term to account for small tricks that accelerated worflow, or in some cases cut through defenses if you know what I mean.

The idea then is to seek small tricks and measures that can greatly increase workflow. Part of the idea once again is the pareto principle, but in this case a rather perverse application of it: attempting to find the trick that will cost you nothing in terms of energy to apply, but that will lead to a disproportionate amount of return of investment.

Sweet dream isn’t it? No wonder it’s so compeling. The oldest trick of all: appeal to people’s lazyness.

A new name for something as old as dirt

As usual, the gentrification process carries with it the potential to convert things that are very simple and efficient in complex sounding but rather inneficient.

Life is what it is, and the hand you are dealt is what you have to deal with right now.

You cannot go into the universal CPU and change the program. Life doesn’t work like that. You cannot extend your life forever, death will come to all of us.

What people call hacks now is just rebranding of something way more down to earth.


Tips doesn’t seem to carry that much power, eh? But hacks, oh hacks.

If I could hack my writing, I would be a legend.

Sorry, no.

Only practice can land you at somewhere better than were you are now.

Hacking at best is minutiae.

Starting and building a habit is what creates massive changes.

Writing every day trumps any writing hack you could ever come up with.

Because writing everyday is in essence a method based on a first principle.

Always look for the principle behind seemingly different, but efficient practices. Chances are they operate under the same tried and true principle. All principles that lead to change have the same defining characteristic: they are “obvious”, easy to understand, easy to implement and hard to follow up.

You could argue that the only real tip to be a better something is to find someway to do that something every day.

Every single day without fail.

Remember Jerry Seinfeld. Don’t break the chain (actually, he seems to reject credit for inventing this productivity technique, as seen on this Ask Me Anything done with him on Reddit).

Do it everyday. Don’t break the chain.


People look for things like hacks, because they sound high-tech, therefore cool, therefore arcane, and perhaps the solution to your laziness, your procrastination.

Lazyness and procrastination are the real problem.

And they are born from the same place.

The place of doubt and indiference.

You don’t believe in yourself.

You don’t see merit in what you are doing, so you don’t care enough.

Maybe you do care, but still the worry is greater than the burning desire to change the world.

You could change areas to find meaning.

But what if you still want to be a scientist, or a writer or a ninja?

Simple. Tiny steps towards a better scientist, writer, manager or ninja everyday.

Show up!

If it’s a skill, practice every day.

When you mastered practicing every day, you can worry about minutiae, the 20%.

80% of your sucess is showing up. If would think of it in terms of Pareto’s law, 80% of the time you would be writing, instead of reading about how to be a better writer and not the other way around.

Don’t procrastinate endlessly by absorbing more and more information. You will only get any good by doing the work. Doing the work is starting a business, writing, practicing you instrument, right now.

You know you mastered practicing every day when you start shivering and getting grumpy and worried when you for some reason is away from your notepad and won’t be able to write.

You will be eager to practice your craft all the time!

Then you will realize the power of this tool. People will notice that you now have a voice.

Because writing is a tool. The act, what you are truly doing is creation, creating value to your readers.

You don’t write only for yourself.

You don’t do science only for yourself.

Hell, even if you’re a ninja you do it to kill other people more effectively.

There is only doing in relation to others. Keep that in mind, and you will always deliver value.

What are your tactics to keep showing up? What are your difficulties?

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