The power of regret

Even clones programmed to kill have to deal with regret.

It doesn’t matter it is buried deep inside. Days or years, it doesn’t matter.

In the middle of the night, it speaks. When you are alone.

Demanding your attention.

Regret sings the song of melancholic shame in the dark starry night of your soul.

And I’m here to tell you why you should listen.

All of our emotions carry great power. Transformative power that is.

However, their call gets muffled in the day-to-day noise.

They speak, and we won’t listen.

Such a shame, because who better than ourselves to synthesize all the inputs and translate it into actionable information?

Of the so-called negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, regret is one of the most loathed.


Regret gets a bad rep, because of the place from where it arises, and what it says about you.

In our modern society, the pressure to feel good, to be positive at any cost is overwhelming at times.

We are more complex than black and white extremes of feeling. This dichotomy of happy versus sad.

We exist in a continuum, a spectrum of feeling.

You can’t hack and dismember parts of you that you don’t like without paying a heavy price.

Because the ability to feel great joy is inextricably linked with the ability to feel deep sorrow and everything in between.

To walk numb and zombified through life is not a decent way to live.

And people choose to live like that every single day.

I know, I used to be one of them.

Back in the day, when I lost someone dear to me, my feelings were behind a curtain, a wall.

My grandmother died, and I didn’t shed a tear. I loved her dearly, yet I stood there, “stoic”.

There is no real merit in being unable to cry or express emotions!

This is not stoicism, just emotional immaturity.

Only when I made the choice of not being a half person, that started my long and rewarding journey towards being a fully emotional human.

Meditation was a huge part in this ongoing journey.

What I’m telling you, is that you can’t ignore parts, or places within yourself in this kind of journey.

You can’t ignore the place from where regret arises, because it’s actually a noble place!

Regret arises from the visceral knowledge that your actions could have brought harm to someone you care about.

It comes from realizing you acted outside your internal code of honor.

And that IS good.

That means that you have reintegrated yourself enough to live by your very own code, and that it matters deeply to you.

This code has grown deep roots on your subconscious, so much that you feel shame, and later regret for your actions.

Regret is a permanent ally in your battle to have character.

It’s a constant reminder to watch yourself.

A reminder that your actions reverberate in the people you care about and the world at large.

If want to change the world you need to care about your effects on people.

Try your best to feel regret and be informed by it. Just don’t let anxiety take over.

I hope you make good use of regret and other “negative” emotions, and I would love to know your strategies in the comment section down bellow.

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