Idea: don’t select a niche, choose a worldview


Find your niche!

It’s the very first advice you see when looking for blogging resources.

It’s everywhere, it’s limiting, wrong and just plain bad advice.

Okay, maybe not bad in the sense of useless, but bad in the sense that not everyone is suited to niche blogging.

What truly is niche blogging?

What it presumes?

It assumes that you are an expert at some narrow field, and that you have endless things to say about this topic. 

Forever rambling on in some arcane topic


That certainly is not true for me, and other massively successful bloggers out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots to say.

I just don’t want to be married to a single niche.

I know a lot of different stuff. You too, I’m sure.

From biochemistry, to Death Metal, passing through psychology, spirituality, how to make grilled cheese to my girlfriend’s liking, and how to eat with forks and knives.

You, likewise is a vastly complex and diverse individual with lots of things you know and want to say.

And you most certainly know these things at differing levels of proficiency.

Because there are different levels of knowing too!

Different levels of competence in a given field.

There is unconscious incompetence: you know nothing of the topic, and you are so clueless that you don’t even know how much you don’t know. It’s the usual level of competence of the ever-present facebookian social politics commentator.

There is conscious incompetence: after delving a little in a given topic, you realize there is SO MUCH that you don’t know! You perceive a mountain of knowledge ahead, up to you to climb it. In this stage there is hardship and toil and the beginning of the learning curve.

After that, you become consciously competent: you can deliver, you can execute the skill, however it’s still kinda of an event to do so, still requiring focus and concentration. Nice things start to be created at this level of skill, but they are still somewhat unpredictable and the creation process not fully mastered.

After 10.000 hours or so of deliberate practice  you arrive at unconscious competence. This skill becomes second nature, and you just kick ass at it. You are awesome, can break bricks with your bare hands and is possibly a Jedi knight. At the very least you are a force to be reckoned with.

How this ties with the demographic versus worldview, you ask?

If you choose a demographic, you are choosing to restrict yourself to a narrow skill set.

You are choosing a narrow part of yourself to put out there, when you should be honoring your full spectrum of experiences.

Truth is, people need information to make decisions, but they don’t​ want a fact sheet.

They want entertainment!

If you choose a worldview, you can deliver that effortlessly.

And you don’t need to be a world-class unconscious competent writer to do so, because you are swimming in a very open market.

The market of YOU.

That unique blend of skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Think about it my friend.

Two scenarios:

1) You follow the common advice, choose a niche (a demographic), and starts competing in a crowded market.

2) You choose yourself, and starts a business about your stories, interests, skills. By doing that, you expose very clearly your worldview and attract the like-minded.

You could do that in a narrow niche. Of course you could.

But the potential earnings of building something around every strength you have are stellar.

You are in essence creating something new.

One thing is a carpentry store that has a blog about the industry.

Another is a carpentry store that has a blog about the industry, the guy’s two daughters adventures and his fondness of vintage disco music.

One fulfils a NEED, the other fulfills a NEED and creates TRUST.

Because you are showing your brand as a human one. The appropriate level of disclosure can work wonders to that effect, connecting you deeply with your customers.

It’s part art and part science to master this, and there are several great resources out there that teaches just that.

I would rather be human and make a connection based on the resonances of my writing on you, than only appeal to a narrow niche thinking only in SEO terms.

So, when choosing to whom you are speaking to, or creating music to, think worldview instead of going through the process of idealizing your perfect demographic. You may miss the mark tremendously.

If you choose to speak to a worldview the risk is greatly diminished, because in your heart you know how to speak to your equals.

Think I’m wrong? I would love to hear your point in the comments section down below.

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