The “star child” elitist argument

You need to be born to do [insert cool trendy thing here, like entrepreneurship].

No you don’t. Don’t listen to these people.

The carriers of the spechullness argument. That you need to be born special to achieve greatness​.

Truth is, they want to feel better about themselves, and since no amount of money in the bank can do that for you, they have to sell the mythology that they are awesome.

In particular more awesome than you.

To be even bigger, they feel the need to bring others down.

I came across this piece by Gary vaynerchuk, who otherwise is an inspiring leader, but unfortunately subscribes to this myth.

Of couse not everyone will build a million dollar company. If this were to happen, soon a million would worth just a cent.

The fact that you were able to do so, doesn’t mean you were specially born to do so. It means you had tenacity, vision, luck (yes, luck) and the necessary connections to do so.

The problem is not so much with the degree of success you may obtain in a given endeavor.

Of couse you need otherworldly skills to command large sums of attention. If there were a Michael Jordan in every corner, Michael Jordan would have zero value.

That is not the same as saying that those who have otherworldly skills automatically will be successful.

There are many things involved that doesn’t depend on you.

Bury that in your head, drill it in your subconscious. Many factors reside outside your control!

The only thing you have a modicum of control is of yourself. Whether you will show up, how you choose to acquire new skills and what endeavors and people you associate with.

None of those things guarantee success.

There are no guarantees.

So, stop the megalomaniacal bullshit. Yes, there is only one Jordan, or Jobs, but there are many who you don’t know the name who are living good lives running their enterprises and directing their lives.

You don’t need to be the next Michael Jackson to be successful in music. There are innumerable steps before that, and anyone who releases his first demotape and expects to become the next big rockstar is a deluded madman.

Don’t let people create the illusion that they are doing something unachievable.

They are human, just like you. Sometimes the difference is just better connections.

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