A car tire made in the likeness of your lung

Michelin just released an awesome new model of tire

© Jimmy Hamelin


This is wheel and tire all at once. Biodegradable, 3D printed, sustainable and incredible.

Did I mention it is AIRLESS?

Yeah, an airless tire, thanks to an alveolar system, you know, just like the networks you got on your lungs.

Meet the Vision:

Michelin isn’t saying when any of these innovations will be implemented, let alone when the Vision might be available for purchase, but Mostapha El-Oulhani, the designer who headed the Vision Project, said the promise of the concept tire is within reach. 

“Given how we developed it, the Vision concept tire is a showcase of our expertise as well as a promise of the future,” says El-Oulhani. “We wanted the Vision to be realistic since no purpose is served by designing objects or services that we know pertinently are unrealistic.”

Awesome isn’t it?

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