Run to the Hills when you see the following business advice

Run away when you see any of the following in no particular order:

People who will teach you how to get rich but never started a single company. If there is no obvious product, guess what? You are the product.

Run away from people who don’t offer practical advice and dwell endlessly on feel good platitudes. There is a time for that and you can’t open a business without practical knowledge.

Run away from lack of transparency and poor communication. If you can’t seem to discover where the company is located, and you can’t get a clear cut answer to your query, run like it’s the plague.

Run away from things that seem too good to be true. An awesome networking opportunity with top leaders of a given industry for 50$? Yeah right. Give me a break!

Want good entrepreneurship resources? Buy books, read entrepreneurship blogs or Forbes. Just don’t spend any more money on entrepreneurship courses. Specially those marketed with annoying urgency: “this deal will expire in 48h”.

Let it rot!

No one has the insider information that will make you tons of money. No one who does not know you is willing to give that away for fifty bucks.

Want to be good at entrepreneurship? Start a company, fill an LLC. Start as a side hustle to mitigate your risks, but start.

Don’t fool yourself that by reading about entrepreneurship you are actually an entrepreneur.

You learn by doing, and like all the greats that came before you, you’ll survive, grow and thrive.

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