Meditation: the ancients can say “we told you so”

couple-meditationThis is intended to be a scientific compilation of articles and reasons you should start meditating right now.

There are at least two different types of meditation:

1) Focused attention: focusing on a prayer, mantra, emotion or repetitive phrase. The basis of all subconscious-reprograming techniques.

2) Open monitoring: focusing on your breath or heartbeat. Listening to your inner chat, but not actively engaging it.

This will be an “forever alive and growing” type of post. From time to time ill link more reasons you should start meditating right now. Always curated with what science we have available at hand, but trying to not stay bound to what academia says, because often the ivory tower is slow and resistant to change and new information.

For the time being, let’s start with nine reasons!

  1. It is a HUGE tool for stress management.
  2. It can speed your learning.
  3. It literally can build your brain, by increasing neurons in areas involved in attention and sensory processing. 
  4. Open monitoring can make you more creative!
  5. It changes your stress response, decreasing inflammatory markers and physically changing the amygdala!
  6. It declutters your mind.
  7. Did you know you can fight depression and anxiety using meditation?
  8. Better than morphine?
  9. And increases your pain threshold by making pain feel less unpleasant.


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