Hi there. I’m Iron de Paula. Scientist, entrepreneur, musician. I believe we are complex, multi layered beings. Don’t be unidimensional, don’t limit yourself.

I came from a middle class family, with humble beginnings and a back story of hardships from the family of both my mother and father.

Through great effort, I reached a point in higher education that is right now unrivaled in my family as I am a PhD candidate in biochemistry. The PhD is being a wild ride for me, and I learned a lot in terms of leading people, planning, dealing with failure and with impossible people.

During my PhD I made some contributions in the field of biochemistry that you can see here.

I’m also vocalist of the band Gutted Souls, a politically inclined Death Metal band, and am working right now on my first startup, still testing some ideas and seeing which one will live. I love wine, travel, good food and am a former RPG player, sober for more than 10 years now (non-table forms doesn’t count).

Get comfortable, grab some coffee and let’s share experiences and viewpoints.