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On this page, I’ll share with you the books that got me where I am today. I came a long way, and my interests as you already know vary wildly. There is gonna be something useful for all of you reading, I guarantee.

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Journey to Ixtlan is the third book of Carlos Castaneda. Carlos is an interesting charachter, and many of his teachings have great similarity with the 4th way of Gurdjieff, although the latter is more complete. In this book he sees that what he was learning with the shaman Don Juan was not just psychotropic herb tripping, but the first inklings of a deeper reality. The value of this book is in opening one up to the possibility of the phenomenal world that sometimes is acessed in dreams and meditation. A greatly entertaining book, the best by him.

When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection

It’s pretty clear nowadays that stress can lead to disease. But what role stress and different ways of coping with stress play on diseases considered to be largely genetic-based such as ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also know as Lou Gehrig’s disease)?
That is the question that Gabor Maté poses in this provocative and enlightening book. He explores several diseases and the conections he stabilishes based on his many years in the clinical practice with the published scientific literature.


Operators and Things: The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic
Operators and Things: The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic, by Barbara O’ Brien

Operators and Things. What is the inner lfe of a schizophrenic? There was a point in my life hen I had a very real fear that I could be a son of a schizophrenic father (which turned out to be a very wrong diagnostic, but that is an story for another time), so I set out to learn what was possible about the condition. I stumbled upon this boo and learned about the author vivid account of the “Operators”, creatures unseen who had key roles in our world. A great book to smash preconceived notions and rethink reality.


In an Unspoken Voice

In an Unspoken Voice by Peter Levine is another very interesting book about how the body self healing pathways, releasing emotional trauma in unexpected (shivering for example) ways.

Political Ponerology

Political Ponerology. This book is obligatory reading for anyone trying to make sense of the ultra right wing rise of the last few years, how comical extremist politicians gather large crowds of followers apparently defying reason and how people progressively become desensitized to otherwise unethical practices.

The Authoritarians

The Authoritarians. In this book, Robert “Bob” Altemeyer explores the birth and development of the authoritarian personality. An necessary component to extremist ideologies, the authoritarian personality is totally invested in protecting her fragile self from criticism based on reason. This book explains in detail why it’s futile to try to reason with pundits of extreme ideologies as this only makes them more rooted in their worldview. What is trying to make sense of the world for us, is protecting the fragile self for them. The book is free. Just grab it.

The Vegetarian Myth

The Vegetarian Myth. In this book, former vegan Lierre Keith explores how being a vegan for so many years wrecked her health and explores que vegetarian meme, the psychological reasonings behind the movement, and how the whole “veganism will save the planet” is a huge lie that does not take in account ecological science, and the basics of food production.

Unholy Hungers

Unholy Hungers: dealing with the psychic vampire inside first, to deal with other vampires later. A very entertaining read, the author makes extensive use of myth to convey her point.

Mask of Sanity

The Mask of Sanity. The very first book dealing with psychopaths in clear setting. Defining what is a psychopath, and how they often are not the foaming monster depicted in movies. Instead, often they are CEOs.