Growth at all costs: the Uber delusion

Earlier this week, a scathing report was released damaging the reputation of Uber even further. A long report, with 47 bullet points of change. Most of the changes suggested are very tame, given the extent of the problems that range from sexual harassment (one wonders how dark is a company that on a meeting to … Continue reading Growth at all costs: the Uber delusion

Idea: don’t select a niche, choose a worldview

Find your niche! It's the very first advice you see when looking for blogging resources. It's everywhere, it's limiting, wrong and just plain bad advice. Okay, maybe not bad in the sense of useless, but bad in the sense that not everyone is suited to niche blogging. What truly is niche blogging? What it presumes? … Continue reading Idea: don’t select a niche, choose a worldview

Anatomy of a creator

Those who write a lot read a lot. Those who compose a lot of music, listen to a lot of music. To produce, you must take in a lot, digest and release it back in the world. I would go so far in saying that you need to take in way, way more than you … Continue reading Anatomy of a creator

The power of regret

It doesn't matter it is buried deep inside. Days or years, it doesn't matter. In the middle of the night, it speaks. When you are alone. Demanding your attention. Regret sings the song of melancholic shame in the dark starry night of your soul. And I'm here to tell you why you should listen. All … Continue reading The power of regret

Inspiration: don’t banalize a powerful word.

Much has been said lately about inspiration. To inspire. "Good leaders inspire others!" "To lead is to inspire!" "Cultivating inspiration!" "Ten hacks to be inspirational!" The reason why everyone writes about inspiration, and how to be more inspirational, and how it is such a killer trait, is because YOU CAN'T BE INSPIRATIONAL AT A WHIM. … Continue reading Inspiration: don’t banalize a powerful word.

From spontaneous to structured and back: a journey in public speaking

I'm in academia for ten years now. Many, many joyful, tearful and suckful experiences. Academia, for those that never got into it, it's a strange mixture of work, school and bar. You work a lot, learn a lot and drink and party a lot. As you would expect such an explosive mixture bear many gifts … Continue reading From spontaneous to structured and back: a journey in public speaking

Droga! Dessa vez foi quase!

  Eu consigo lhe ouvir. Aquela sua parte que grita. É tão alto que eu consigo ouvir mesmo daqui, o seu crítico interno está insaciável dessa vez. Porque você quase conseguiu. Dessa vez você chegou tão perto, mas escapou pelos seus dedos. Aquele emprego. Aquela bolsa de estudos. Aquele relacionamento perfeito. Aquela oportunidade que nunca voltará, … Continue reading Droga! Dessa vez foi quase!

Seja estratégico!

English version here. Você tem de ser estratégico. Não há outra maneira. As vezes, a rota mais curta para seu alvo é uma linha reta, mas nem sempre. Eventualmente você irá esbarrar em uma barreira que parece dura demais pra quebrar, alta demais pra escalar. É nesse ponto que talvez você recorra a visão de … Continue reading Seja estratégico!

Darn it! Almost got it.

I can hear you. That part of you that screams. Inside. It's so loud I can hear it across great distances, your inner critic is relentless this time. Because you almost got it. This time you got so close, but it slipped through your fingers. That job. That scholarship. That perfect relationship. That opportunity that … Continue reading Darn it! Almost got it.