One mentor! Just one!

The internet became synonymous with information overload. The abundance of viewpoints is sure to confuse you on your quest to excel. Avoid having too many mentors at a time. Okay, "just one" is an exaggeration to catch you attention. But don't worry, this not one of those useless lists such as "ten things to look … Continue reading One mentor! Just one!

A car tire made in the likeness of your lung

Michelin just released an awesome new model of tire   This is wheel and tire all at once. Biodegradable, 3D printed, sustainable and incredible. Did I mention it is AIRLESS? Yeah, an airless tire, thanks to an alveolar system, you know, just like the networks you got on your lungs. Meet the Vision: Michelin isn't … Continue reading A car tire made in the likeness of your lung

The “star child” elitist argument

You need to be born to do [insert cool trendy thing here, like entrepreneurship]. No you don't. Don't listen to these people. The carriers of the spechullness argument. That you need to be born special to achieve greatness​. Truth is, they want to feel better about themselves, and since no amount of money in the … Continue reading The “star child” elitist argument