Short Reminder: Time is limited

Time is limited. Stop being sorry for what you're missing, because you are always missing something. It's just that some of those things are rubbed on your face more often than others, so they look valuable. You made a choice. Either by inaction, or by acting on limited information. You cannot be at two places … Continue reading Short Reminder: Time is limited

The power of regret

It doesn't matter it is buried deep inside. Days or years, it doesn't matter. In the middle of the night, it speaks. When you are alone. Demanding your attention. Regret sings the song of melancholic shame in the dark starry night of your soul. And I'm here to tell you why you should listen. All … Continue reading The power of regret

Darn it! Almost got it.

I can hear you. That part of you that screams. Inside. It's so loud I can hear it across great distances, your inner critic is relentless this time. Because you almost got it. This time you got so close, but it slipped through your fingers. That job. That scholarship. That perfect relationship. That opportunity that … Continue reading Darn it! Almost got it.

The importance of treating your band as a team.

The garage dream: three to five friends, who met on high school or college, start jamming on a garage, a producer happens to walk by or hears a poorly recorded demo founded with lunch money and falls in love with band. Money starts pouring in, tours happen and stardom simply knocks on the door. A … Continue reading The importance of treating your band as a team.