Short Reminder: Time is limited

Time is limited. Stop being sorry for what you're missing, because you are always missing something. It's just that some of those things are rubbed on your face more often than others, so they look valuable. You made a choice. Either by inaction, or by acting on limited information. You cannot be at two places … Continue reading Short Reminder: Time is limited

Who gave you your dreams?

Who gave you your dreams? From where they come from? Who plays with your dreams for profit? Why do you need so many things? Why the thing that will bring you happiness always change? Why satiety is a moving goal post? Is it an evolutionary device, to keep us moving towards that elusive piece of … Continue reading Who gave you your dreams?

A car tire made in the likeness of your lung

Michelin just released an awesome new model of tire   This is wheel and tire all at once. Biodegradable, 3D printed, sustainable and incredible. Did I mention it is AIRLESS? Yeah, an airless tire, thanks to an alveolar system, you know, just like the networks you got on your lungs. Meet the Vision: Michelin isn't … Continue reading A car tire made in the likeness of your lung

Difficult people are everywhere, and they think they are easygoing. Strategies to stay sane.

Yes, you read correctly. Lots and lots of people out there hard to please, deal or live with. In your job, at school, in all areas of life where there is a community. A quick glance at any social media reveals scores of them complaining about how they are misunderstood, how they are "true", or … Continue reading Difficult people are everywhere, and they think they are easygoing. Strategies to stay sane.

The potato, the egg and the coffee bean.

I really don't know how old this tale is, but it's an interesting one. It's a short story that illustrates how most people cope with stress, how it is timeless wisdom and why most people who share it are not being as helpful as they could. The story goes like that in one version: Once … Continue reading The potato, the egg and the coffee bean.

The “star child” elitist argument

You need to be born to do [insert cool trendy thing here, like entrepreneurship]. No you don't. Don't listen to these people. The carriers of the spechullness argument. That you need to be born special to achieve greatness​. Truth is, they want to feel better about themselves, and since no amount of money in the … Continue reading The “star child” elitist argument

Anatomy of a creator

Those who write a lot read a lot. Those who compose a lot of music, listen to a lot of music. To produce, you must take in a lot, digest and release it back in the world. I would go so far in saying that you need to take in way, way more than you … Continue reading Anatomy of a creator

Inspiration: don’t banalize a powerful word.

Much has been said lately about inspiration. To inspire. "Good leaders inspire others!" "To lead is to inspire!" "Cultivating inspiration!" "Ten hacks to be inspirational!" The reason why everyone writes about inspiration, and how to be more inspirational, and how it is such a killer trait, is because YOU CAN'T BE INSPIRATIONAL AT A WHIM. … Continue reading Inspiration: don’t banalize a powerful word.