Short Reminder: Time is limited

Time is limited. Stop being sorry for what you're missing, because you are always missing something. It's just that some of those things are rubbed on your face more often than others, so they look valuable. You made a choice. Either by inaction, or by acting on limited information. You cannot be at two places … Continue reading Short Reminder: Time is limited

Meditation: the ancients can say “we told you so”

This is intended to be a scientific compilation of articles and reasons you should start meditating right now. There are at least two different types of meditation: 1) Focused attention: focusing on a prayer, mantra, emotion or repetitive phrase. The basis of all subconscious-reprograming techniques. 2) Open monitoring: focusing on your breath or heartbeat. Listening … Continue reading Meditation: the ancients can say “we told you so”