The potato, the egg and the coffee bean.

I really don't know how old this tale is, but it's an interesting one. It's a short story that illustrates how most people cope with stress, how it is timeless wisdom and why most people who share it are not being as helpful as they could. The story goes like that in one version: Once … Continue reading The potato, the egg and the coffee bean.

The power of regret

It doesn't matter it is buried deep inside. Days or years, it doesn't matter. In the middle of the night, it speaks. When you are alone. Demanding your attention. Regret sings the song of melancholic shame in the dark starry night of your soul. And I'm here to tell you why you should listen. All … Continue reading The power of regret

Darn it! Almost got it.

I can hear you. That part of you that screams. Inside. It's so loud I can hear it across great distances, your inner critic is relentless this time. Because you almost got it. This time you got so close, but it slipped through your fingers. That job. That scholarship. That perfect relationship. That opportunity that … Continue reading Darn it! Almost got it.